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I made and I’ve been teaching web & mobile dev for over 8+ years. I’m going to bring you the best, cutting-edge web & mobile dev content and instructors so you can make sense of all the constantly growing dev universe & grow with it. To infinity and beyond!

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Don't trust our word - but here's what other Developers say about us.

Reuben Sivan

"Gave me confidence in areas which I had limited exposure to. Helped me understand the practical aspects of developing HTML/JS apps."

Roy Kressin

"Access to Simon is great to have. I've asked a couple questions not exactly related to the course materials and Simon responds with useful remarks."

Chadi Osseiran

"Simon you are one the most motivational, experienced, enthusiast person I have encountered while starting my career in development. You boosted my knowledge, gave me confidence, improved my work, creativity and innovation in many ways."


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Learn in your preferred way with Quick Wins, tutorials & courses—whatever suites the content and you.


Short form content for bite-sized dev tips—in video & text form. Think of them like a refreshing solar wind.

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Long form, written tutorials with outlines for easy navigation. For when you want a good read on a complex topic and c+p code.

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In-depth screencasts with a flexible player so you can watch every step to build an app, set your own speed and save your favorite lessons.

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Frequently asked questions

Knowledge is power

Do I need existing web development skills?

Most courses start at a basic level of Javascript. However, you should have a general development understanding and know about Javascript, HTML and CSS.

How often is updated?

New courses and tutorials will be released every month so you never run out of fresh content!

Where can I get a receipt or invoice?

You can manage your settings and subscription through your account settings inside the Stripe portal, where you can also download invoices.

Can I download the videos?

No, so far you can only stream them, but a app is planned for the future.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you are unhappy with your pro subscription you have a 14 day money back guarantee.

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